About GrundoGazette.com

Our Mission

Grundo Gazette's mission is to provide an open, friendly, inclusive community for friends and fans to celebrate the World and Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and its creator, Ken Forsse.

Acceptance is one of the hallmarks of Teddy's message, and we hope to build Grundo Gazette to reflect that value. Whether you spent countless hours enthralled by the talking toy, or years reliving the excitement of the television series, the World of Teddy Ruxpin is for everyone who has ever had a dream to follow.

We also hope to provide a starting point for anyone interested in the life and career of Teddy's creator, Ken Forsse. While Ken passed away in 2014, the legacy of his work continues to touch people's lives in new ways every day. Teddy Ruxpin may have been the crowning achievement of his life, but his handiwork can be found in a myriad of places. You've probably seen it without even realizing!

Grundo Gazette is a place where people can learn, share, and be inspired.

Come and discover the world with me...


"Fan sites" were a staple of the early internet, and Teddy Ruxpin had a small, but dedicated following. Several websites became landmark destinations for fans who were desperate to find anything they could on their favorite Illiop.

So in the fall of 2000, I launched my first website, dedicated to Teddy Ruxpin! You can still check it out here!

The site never grew to popularity like many others of its day, but it was a fun project and I made many great friends while working on it.

In the winter of 2018, I was asked to contribute to Billy Tooma's documentary on the life and work of Ken Forsse, and my love of Teddy was reborn.

Bringing the previous (almost) twenty years full circle, I launched GrundoGazette.com in 2019 with a new perspective on Teddy, Ken, and the fans that have held Grundo in their hearts since 1985.