The Golden Age of Grundo

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The Golden Age of Grundo

Post by Bognostrocleetus » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:01 pm

Hi everyone! Teddy addict here! We couldn't really afford a Teddy Ruxpin in the hey day, and I thought I was too cool and needed He-man and other scantily clad men instead (I was a fool!). I have very fond memories of listening to my friend's Teddy talk about magic crystals, and playing with their Fob (I LOVE PUPPETS) and my hand ACTUALLY fit easily inside back then. I also remember watching the cartoon quite a bit - super 80's cartoon lover!

Decades later, I have my own Fobs and there's no way I could ever fit a hand inside to operate one without damaging it. But now, we are truly living in the Golden Age of Grundo! As kids, we had to deal with buying individual tapes, and swapping them out to hear a new one, the batteries, everything was just a pain, and there's no way we could hear EVERY story unless you were extremely wealthy and/or lucky. Even later versions of Teddy, it was impossible to get all the stories because they weren't all published and too expensive - and you couldn't pick out any one song or segment easily or repeat it. It may have made it that much more special to us, but it made it more inconvenient to enjoy to put it mildly.

Now - we can hear ANY story or ANY song at ANY moment! I keep Teddy playing in the background for comfort and comic relief like others do The Office. I have a literal Teddy jukebox with me at all times with every single bit of content I can get my hands on. Driving down the road - I'm Surfin' Grundo. Bored at the Dentist, guess I'll see what Twuzz and L.B. are doing. Making dinner, you know I'm Clappin my Hands, and Doin' Good Deeds, and riding the Subwater Boat the whole way! It's just so cool to be able to relive all the Teddy content I missed out on - and I'm so glad to be here with all you Teddy lovers! A whole-hearted THANK YOU to the creators, the voice actors, to all you Teddy lovers that archive content - and THANK YOU to Grundo Gazette for bringing us together and creating such awesome original content.

Speaking of original content, and as a way to share the love - I'm making my collection of Adventures of Wallpapers available for the first time. There's over 50 wallpapers from the cartoon at 3840x1080 that work great for dual-screen setups. ... wallpapers
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Re: The Golden Age of Grundo

Post by vilicles » Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:11 pm

Wow! Those wallpapers are very cool!

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