Allow me to Introduce myself

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Allow me to Introduce myself

Post by AutisticIlliop » Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:35 am

Greetings fellow fans, My name is AustisticIlliop and I am new to this forum, but not new to Teddy Ruxpin itself. I discovered the forum through the YouTube Channel, and I decided to join since I love the franchise. A few things about mself before we get started. I am an Aspie, that is to say, I am on teh Autism spectru,diagnosed as hat is now reffered to as Hhigh funtion Autism formerly Aspergers yndrome.I am deafblind on one side,and when using Mobile, I have to use speech to text,as my fat suasuge fingers ,combined with my horrid left eye make it harder to type on a mobile device. I love the idea of Owning a tedy, but have come to realize its not entirel posible in my case,becuase most are to expensive,and the ones that arent dotn work all that well, I cant fix them,and even if I could its to expensive/I a already difrerent due to my disability, an the idea of an adult sitting outside with thier tedy ruxin may get me staes that arent welcome by my family. I enjy the stories, the cartoon and the odd lie action ovie.I wish teh henson reboot ha gotten made, but i understand why it didnt. I love the Mother goose dolls as well as the snoopy, and charlie brown to and the Mickey moue ones. However I am curiouos,are there an other users here ont eh spectru?An would anyone want a special odded teddy tape to make teddy c tlike freddy fazebear?I saw someone do tha tonce, and I kinda wan a real one for sale bow.Also, if anyone has any other idea on specifi talking dolls lt me know. One of the dolls Im looking for in question,i dont remember hte nae but you guys might know.

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Re: Allow me to Introduce myself

Post by vilicles » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:19 pm

Welcome aboard!

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