Issue on Prime Video

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Issue on Prime Video

Post by vilicles » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:13 am

This was spotted by one of our friends over on the Facebook Group and I've confirmed it.

On Prime Video, the start of Episode 4, "In the Fortress of the Wizard" is identical to the opening of Episode 3, "Guests of the Grunges". The first three minutes are the Trio and Prince Arin meeting Wooly at Rainbow Falls. When he begins guiding them to the Wizard, we cut right to the steps of the Wizard's fortress.

Additionally, the dialogue between Arin and Wooly as they approach the fortress is cut completely.

I suspect they used the Hi-Tops VHS "The Treasure of Grundo" for this, as that release also had a similar cut and omitted the Grunges so they got their own VHS release.

Looks like they just slapped a title on that section of the VHS.

Not sure who was in charge of this, but I'm disappointed in this kind of oversight.
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