The World of Teddy Ruxpin

Adventure Series

"Teddy Ruxpin's Christmas"

A Musical Celebration

Production Number
  • 27
  • Chronological Order
  • 26

  • Story By
  • Will Ryan
  • Illustrated By
  • Russell Hicks
  • Loran Downer
  • Douglas McCarthy
  • Rivka
  • Allyn Conley/Gorniak
  • Matthew Bates
  • Julie Ann Armstrong
  • Fay Whitemountain
  • Maggie Parr (1998)
  • Art Directors
  • Ken Forsse
  • Russell Hicks
  • Music
  • George Wilkins
  • Lyrics
  • Will Ryan ("12 Days of Christmas" Adaptation")
  • Production Supervision
  • Don Riedel
  • Bill Barber
  • Director
  • Larry Larsen
  • Story Coordinator
  • Virginia Gallo
  • Story Editor
  • Mary Becker
  • Margaret Ann Hughes
  • Technical Director
  • Russell Brower
  • Sound Engineer
  • Bradley Hartman
  • Sound Effects
  • Russell Brower
  • Animation Programming
  • Tom Eure
  • George Ryan
  • Thom Fountain
  • Musicians
  • Ray Colcord (Synthesizer Orchestration)
  • Ernest Eugene McDaniel
  • Lincoln Mayorga
  • Donald Williams
  • Sol Gubin
  • Voices
  • Phil Baron
  • Will Ryan
  • Tony Pope
  • Russi Taylor
  • Katie Leigh
  • John P. Joyce
  • Susan Boyd
  • Debbie Hall
  • Sally Stevens
  • Michel Bell
  • Amick Bryan
  • Walt Harrah
  • With Special Thanks to the Entire Alchemy II Staff

    ...Christmas is just about the best holiday of the year!


    “Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas” is a special edition musical story celebrating the Christmas season. It was originally released for the 1st and 2nd generation Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin talking toy with subsequent releases for the Yes! Entertainment, BackPack Toys, and Wicked Cool Toys Teddy Ruxpin talking toys. The story is notable as being the only story released for a specific holiday, though it follows in the footsteps of other similar seasonal stories such as “Grundo Springtime Singtime” and “Teddy’s Winter Adventure”.

    The story would later be abbreviated to “Teddy’s Christmas” for the Yes! Entertainment release.

    Upon its release, the story was originally packaged with a special Teddy Ruxpin Santa Claus outfit consisting of a red coat lined in white fur, red trousers, a pair of black boots, belt, and traditional Santa Claus nightcap.

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    “This story shows the value of gathering together with friends at Christmastime.”

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    “Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas” features Teddy and his friends carolling throughout Grundo as they celebrate the coming Christmas season.

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    Teddy and Grubby greet the listener, and explain that they’re ready to share the joy of Christmas with them. They immediately launch into a medley of songs (“Christmas Medley”).

    At the end of their first set of songs, Teddy and Grubby are joined by Newton Gimmick and many of their other friends. After another chorus of “A Wassaling”, Teddy suggest that while they’re all together they perform their special Grundo version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, which everyone eagerly joins in on.

    Grubby mentions running out legs as he tried to keep track of all twelve days in the song, and Gimmick suggests a second medley of songs centered around bells (“Bell Medley”).

    With the medley over, Grubby complains his ears are still ringing as they are joined by another group of carollers. They perform “Oh Christmas Tree” before Gimmick suggests that Teddy and Grubby tell the story of “The Night Before Christmas” (“Twas the Night Before Christmas”).

    With the story complete, the carollers sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as a holiday farwell.

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