The World of Teddy Ruxpin

Adventure Series

"Teddy Ruxpin Summertime"

A Fun-Filled Musical Summer

Production Number
  • 36
  • Chronological Order
  • 34

  • Lyrics By
  • Ken Forsse
  • Mary Becker
  • Len Levitt
  • Music Composed By
  • George Wilkins
  • Illustrated By
  • Russell Hicks
  • Theresa Mazurek
  • Douglas McCarthy
  • Allyn Conley
  • Lorann Drowner
  • Rivka
  • Fay Whitemountain
  • Su-Zan
  • Lisa Souza
  • Julie Ann Armstrong
  • Maggie Parr (1998)
  • Created By
  • Ken Forsse
  • Art Director
  • Russell Hicks
  • Music Producer
  • George Wilkins
  • Dialogue By
  • Margaret Ann Hughes
  • Production Supervisors
  • Don Riedel
  • Bill Barber
  • Director
  • Russell Brower
  • Script Coordinator
  • Susan Cunningham
  • Story Editor
  • Anne Louise Osterhout
  • Technical Director
  • Russell Brower
  • Sound Engineer
  • Bradley Hartman
  • Sound Effects
  • Russell Brower
  • Scott Jennings
  • Animation Programming Director
  • Michael Ernst
  • Animation Programming
  • Tom Eure
  • Matt Earnest
  • Thom Fountain
  • Musicians
  • Sol Gubin
  • Don Baldwin
  • Alan Oldfield
  • Laurence Juber
  • Ray Colcord
  • Voices
  • Phil Baron
  • Will Ryan
  • Tony Pope
  • Mic Bell
  • Lynn Langham
  • With Special Thanks to the Entire Alchemy II Staff

    There's so much to do in the Summertime!


    “Teddy Ruxpin Summertime” is a story from the World of Teddy Ruxpin Adventure Series. It was released for the first and second generation Worlds of Wonder, Yes! Entertainment, and Wicked Cool Toys Teddy Ruxpin talking toy. As with other special edition releases such as “Teddy Ruxpin Sings Love Songs” and “Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas”, this was released as a boxed set including the animated cassette, illustrated book, and a special summertime outfit for Teddy Ruxpin.

    Like other stories such as “Quiet Please” and “Grundo Springtime Singtime”, this entry is primarily a musical compilation with brief vignettes to segue from one song to the next.

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    “Teddy and his friends find lots of fun ways to spend summer days.”

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    As Summer arrives, Teddy and his friends sing about the many fun activities they can have fun doing in the Summertime.

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    The story begins with Teddy asking Grubby what time it is. When Grubby worries that it’s “spring cleaning” time again, Teddy assures him Spring is over, but now it’s Summer! When Grubby asks what they can do in the Summer, Teddy begins to tell him all the things they can enjoy in the Summertime (“Summertime At Last”).

    Newton Gimmick arrives with Fuzz carrying a picnic basket, and the three head off on a picnic (“Picnic Song”).

    Grubby notices the Wooly What’s-It riding a bicycle, while Teddy sees the Fobs are on roller skates and the Grunges are on skateboards. They all invite Teddy and Grubby to join them (“Roll Around”).

    After all the exercise, Grubby asks for some refreshing water, and Wooly turns on a hose. Teddy mentions that there are many ways to enjoy water in the Summertime (“Water Song”).

    Teddy mentions that he likes to go camping in the summer, and everyone heads out to camp out for the night (“Camping Out”).

    Grubby falls asleep before the song ends, and as everyone settles in, Teddy encourages the listener to be quiet so as not to disturb Grubby. He remarks once again that there’s so much to do in the Summer, and the story ends.

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