The Talking Toy

The World of Teddy Ruxpin has taken many forms, but none have endured quite so well as the original storytelling toy.

Teddy Ruxpin debuted in September 1985 and revolutionized the industry as the world's first animated talking toy. Using technology previously reserved for experiences like the Walt Disney theme parks, children could experience that magic in their homes.

A friend for life has come to life...

In the years following his debut, amid a rapidly changing toy industry, Teddy would fade in and out of the spotlight, always re-emerging every few years to a new generation with stories to tell and friends to make.

Check out our comprehensive guides below to explore some of the changes Teddy has gone through over th eyears and rediscover the magic that helped Teddy find his way into the hearts of firneds and fans all over the world.

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Talking Toy Timeline

The original and most popular incarnation fo Teddy Ruxpin, featuring over 40 stories and a plethora of acessories, over 10 million units were sold. They can still be found on eBay, often bundled with several stories and and accessories.

Under its Playskool division, Hasbro re-introduced the public to everyone's favorite Illiop. Sticking closely to the design of the third-generation of Worlds of Wonder's Teddy, this version was more cuddly than the original and used cartridge-style cassettes less prone to unraveling. A Teddy Ruxpin phone was also released, and remains somewhwat rare among collectors. About a dozen of the original stories were released for this version.

Donning a new look, Yes! Entertainment unveiled a Teddy for the new millennium. Using the general design of the Playskool's Teddy, while restoring the classic cassette deck found in the original Worlds of Wonder version, the Teddy of the 90's promised to harness all the power of modern technology to bring children new and exciting ways to to eperience classic adventures. A TV Pack was released to connect Teddy to your television, where he could help narrate the re-released VHS tapes. Sporting the same bundle of tales as Playskool's version, this Teddy quickly fizzled out as the industry had largely moved forward. A planned "Computer Pack" was never released.

Managing to be both the biggest change and most faithful adaptation of Teddy since the original, BackPack Toys restored Teddy's original look, while making him even smaller and cuddlier for his friends to hold. Traditional cassettes were replaced with digital MP3 cartridges, and the accompanying books were split into two versions: narration and illustration. The "Treasure of Grundo" series storyline was overhauled and now included snippets of audio from the 1986 ABC Special, with brand new narration recorded by Teddy's voice actor, Phil Baron.

After almost a decade of absence from store shelves, Wicked Cool Toys released a brand new version of Teddy Ruxpin in 2017. Lacking any sort of physical media, the tapes and cartridges were transferred to digital files that sync with Teddy over bluetooth from a paired tablet or smartphone. Servo motors for Teddy's eyes were repalced with LCD screens that help Teddy express a wider range of emotions. Most notably, this marks the biggest catalog of stories to be released with any Teddy Ruxpin talking toy since the original.