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A greeting from Vilicles and some brief guidelines!
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Forum Guidelines

Post by vilicles » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:48 pm

Welcome one and all!

We hope the Grundo Gazette Fan Forums will provide fans of Ken Forsse and Teddy Ruxpin a place to meet, discover, and discuss their favorite topics with others who share their interests and build a healthy, diverse community!

We believe in freedom of speech and expression at Grundo Gazette. Fans are encouraged to express their fandom in whatever form is most identifiable to them. The power of the internet, coupled with the breadth of Ken Forsse's many works, and Teddy Ruxpin's universal message of friendship and acceptance have brought together friends and fans from all walks of life for decades, and we hope this will be just one of the places where they will continue to gather for decades to come!

There is currently only one rule at the Grundo Gazette Fan Forums: hate speech and malicious activity of any kind will not be tolerated. Any attempts to belittle, exclude, or actively harm another member of the forums either emotionally or physically, will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

The rest of the guidelines can be summed up in the values of the Crystals: Imagination. Honesty. Bravery. Trust. Friendship. Freedom. I hope that we as a community will grow to embody these values for everyone we meet!

Welcome once again to the Grundo Gazette forums!
Vincent Conroy
Grundo Gazette, LLC

"The important thing would be the people we would meet and the things we would discover along the way."

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